Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lots of data, little substance

Perception is critical in the early stages of the Obama presidency, especially when it's about economic policy. It's a tough proposition. How do you engage the public without putting them to sleep with wonk speak? People want answers, and they won't settle for platitudes about what The American People want.

It's a good idea, in theory, for Obama to communicate his policies through the voices of his big-brained advisers. Or is it?

In a posting on Obama's Web site today, Christina Romer, the chair-designate for the Council of Economic Advisers talks a lot but explains little. How will they plan create 4 million new jobs (couple weeks ago it was 2.5 million)? What does weatherizing government buildings have anything to do with the economy? How will pumping money into state coffers stimulate spending? Why will it cost an estimated $775 BILLION (some say $1 trillion)? After 9 minutes of rambling, I'm still confused.

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