Thursday, March 5, 2009

John Stewart vs. Rick Santelli

A few weeks ago I wrote an entry about CNBC personality Rick Santelli's rant against the government's plan to bail out homeowners (he called them "losers"). There have been a number of responses to Santelli's rant, such as the thoughtful piece by the New York Times's David Brooks.

Leave it to The Daily Show to take it to the next level. Note to self... if I ever become rich and famous I'll never dis David Letterman or John Stewart. Enjoy.


  1. great stuff from jon stewart

  2. all these media outlets are not held responsible for what they print, say, tell us. there are no repercussions for advice, good or bad.

  3. reminds me it's time to start watching the daily show again. going to start with tonight's jim cramer interview...can't wait.