Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mochas and the Next Google

(Photo courtesy of Yelp)

On the corner of Castro St. and Villa St. in downtown Mountain View sits Red Rock Coffee, a local cafe where I believe some innovative and lucrative ideas are being formed. When you enter, the place looks like any other cafe with its small tables and clusters of customers waiting for their lattes.

Walk up a flight of stairs and you arrive in an open space where a decent sound system covers the tapping of laptops and the hum of conversations. Every time I'm up there working, I wonder if the guys sitting next to me are sowing the seeds for the next Google. Red Rock is just one of many local haunts around the world where big ideas are being created every day. It goes to show that despite unemployment, people are getting out there and taking risks to turn ideas into start-ups. I love the entrepreneurial spirit.

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